The High Accuracy Wireless Device Location Platform for any Environment

A carrier-grade, universal location platform that delivers highly accurate location for all mobile devices across all environments – including more challenging dense urban areas and indoors.


The OmniLocate platform is designed to not only meet the high-volume and high accuracy demands of today’s intelligence needs, but also to provide our customers with time-to-market and performance advantages across any sized network, with the highest degree of location accuracy.

Mobile networks evolve

As mobile networks continue to evolve and customers deploy increasingly sophisticated applications, the need for accurate location determination is paramount. Polaris Wireless supports the full wireless ecosystem with OmniLocate, a comprehensive, versatile and scalable platform.

Quickly deploy location services

Wireless operators can quickly deploy location services with high-performance accuracy in accordance with standard Tier 1 requirements, and determine the geographic location of any wireless device in any RF environment, with the highest accuracy in the industry today.

Urban, suburban, rural and indoor

Flexible and robust, the platform supports a variety of location technologies, from basic Cell ID to the patented Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS®). Customers can deploy a hybrid version of WLS, A-GNSS and any other preferred location technologies in order to locate devices across urban, suburban, rural and indoor environments

Accurate Locations

Accurate wireless location in all environments

With patented Wireless Location Signatures (WLS) technology at its core, OmniLocate thrives where others fail: delivering the highest degree of accuracy--thanks to the integration of multiple location technologies--in dense urban and indoor environments where the majority of the population resides.

Multiple Wireless Location Technologies

OmniLocate is exceptionally easy to deploy and maintain. The platform enables wireless operators to quickly and seamlessly deploy and operate high-accuracy location services for any wireless device in any RF environment, and we are committed to innovating new capabilities that take advantage of advances in networks and devices.

Network Technologies

  • 2G (GSM)
  • 4G (LTE)

Geo-Location Methods

  • Hybrid
  • WLS
  • A-GNSS
  • Wi-Fi
  • E-CID
  • CID + TA
  • CID

Flexible, Scalable and Easy to Operate

OmniLocate is a versatile, robust platform that runs on a flexible and highly scalable architecture. OmniLocate supports control plane and user plane (SUPL) location architectures, as defined by the 3GPP and OMA standard bodies, as well as a broad range of network technologies and geo-location methods. This means that our customers can deploy a hybrid version of location technologies in order to locate devices with the highest accuracy in the industry across any environment.


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