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A History of Innovation

Polaris Wireless has been the global leader in software-based wireless location solutions since 2001 with a deep technical patent portfolio (100+ patents awarded or pending). We are continuously evolving our wireless location technology and enhancing our algorithms to leverage all available data, from all devices, in any environment to generate the best possible location estimate.

Hybrid Location Engine


Hybrid Location Engine

Polaris Wireless' hybrid location technology provides the best possible software-based location accuracy through a fusion of best-in-class geo-location and measurement technologies. Addressing all of today’s comprehensive application needs, the hybrid solution merges a wide variety of location measurements, such as cellular (signal strengths, OTDOA, timing advance), GPS, Wi-Fi, Barometric pressure, Bluetooth and other smartphone sensors into a single location solution. This approach yields a highly extensible, robust solution that works indoors and outdoors across all topologies. This solution is designed to easily adapt new sensors and techniques as devices, networks, and other data sources evolve without the need for network hardware or device modification. For cellular networks, Polaris Wireless Location Signatures® (WLS) is a highly accurate and scalable software only location solution built on a patented implementation of the 3GPP-standardized Radio Frequency Pattern Matching (RFPM) location technique and can be deployed in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

Polaris Wireless 3D technology performance has been independently tested by the CTIA Test Bed.

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