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3D Location Platform

Operating independently of wireless operator networks, the cloud-based 3D Location Platform is truly universal, enabling applications that locate any mobile device on any network, indoors and in real-time.

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Software-based OmniLocate requires no network hardware installation, offering wireless operators a straightforward integration and quicker time-to-market for a solution that has been proven to exceed FCC E911 regulatory requirements for emergency call location, and the opportunity to launch new revenue streams.

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By integrating LBS/IoT, wireless operators are able to provide end users location-based commercial services to improve operational efficiency and launch innovative business models using IoT devices.

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3D Location Platform

Location for Mobile Applications

3D Location
Proven high accuracy in X, Y and Z dimensions

Flexible API
Offering a broad range of options to address application use cases

Flexible architecture provides means to quickly scale to meet customer demands

Seamless Integration
No additional network hardware or device modifications are required

Works on all Android and iOS devices

Available as a standard software development kit

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Control Plane Location for Wireless Network Operators

3D Location to Meet FCC 911 Requirements
Location of any wireless device on the X, Y, and Z axis to meet the most stringent FCC requirements for locating emergency callers, including indoors and in high-rise buildings

3GPP Specification Compliant Entities

Advanced Location Technology
HLE 3D Location, Patented WLS, A-GNSS, ECID

E911 FCC Compliance
Demonstrated compliance to the FCC Enhanced 911 location mandate

Virtualized Environment
Cloud-based, increased efficiency, optimized utilization, and flexibility

Scalable Solution
Adaptable to the changing needs of the network

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User Plane Location for Commercial Services and Internet of Things Applications

3D location for IoT Devices
3D location for SUPL or non-SUPL devices

Adaptable Interface
Flexible positioning interface adaptable to all IoT devices

Specialized Interface
Cloud-based, increased efficiency, optimized utilization, and flexibility

Able to be integrated and deployed rapidly across multiple devices

Advanced Location Technology
LTE ECID and OTDOA with GPS and Wi-Fi support

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