Public Safety & Disaster Management

Public Safety

Save Lives with Accurate, Immediate Emergency Wireless Location Identification

First responders, 911 dispatchers and police officers hold high-pressure positions that necessitate split-second, life-or-death decisions. Polaris Wireless offers highly accurate indoor and outdoor mobile location services that make public safety officers more efficient and effective—from helping them to find victims more quickly to identifying and locating accidents, and ultimately, saving lives.

Utilize the power of high accuracy emergency wireless location to make our communities safer and more secure.

Locate those in distress and dispatch first responders quickly to the right locations, reducing incident response times and saving lives and property.

Respond Quickly and Accurately to Mobile Emergency Calls

Timely response is critical for both emergency call management (e.g. E911/E112) and other public safety wireless applications. Wireless service providers and public safety emergency centers must be able to quickly pinpoint a caller's location and direct this information to first responders in order to save lives. Polaris Wireless offers time-tested, field-proven solutions for meeting the high-accuracy location requirements of critical public safety needs.

Enhance Disaster Management Efficiency

Most disasters happen without a minute’s notice. Being prepared is the key to efficient disaster management, whether managing the overall response or directing search-and-rescue operations during and after the disaster occurs. Polaris Wireless offers multiple location methodologies and applications needed to quickly assess the scene, manage first responders and accurately locate survivors. As a software-based, highly scalable solution, Polaris Wireless also addresses the high capacity requirements of accurately locating a large number of subscribers in a short period of time.

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Flexible Solution for Emergency Wireless Operators

Polaris Wireless offers wireless operators a flexible solution that complies with the FCC E911 Phase II mandate, providing the most accurate and reliable software-based location system in the industry. It can be installed as a standalone system or in combination with existing handset-based technologies, allowing for quick deployment and cost-effective E911 compliance. Extending beyond US E911, Polaris Wireless also offers an E112 solution for European operators and similar emergency services, such as E999, for other international operators.

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Explore The Benefits of Emergency Wireless Location Intelligence

Polaris Wireless products help build a solid foundation for your end-to-end public safety and disaster management needs—ultimately saving lives and making our communities safer.

A carrier-grade, universal location platform that delivers highly accurate location for all mobile devices across all environments – including more challenging dense urban areas and indoors.