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Software Data Analytics Engineer

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

Job Description:

Polaris Wireless Inc has openings for the position Software and Data Analytics Engineer with Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering any, Technology or related to work on designing the architecture of software systems and selecting appropriate technologies and methodologies based on business logic. Develop data analysis tools for geolocation data using Python, Pandas, and statistics. Build an interactive and dynamic web application, utilizing Java/Python for server-side/APIs,HTML/CSS/JavaScript for front-end, and database systems. Design and develop an AI agent capable of interpreting user text queries and providing contextually relevant responses. This involves a deep understanding of Prompt Engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the seamless integration of Large Language Models, server applications, and data sources.

Work location is Santa Clara, CA with required travel and work to and from various unanticipated client worksites throughout the USA.

Please mail resumes to 2350 Mission College Blvd, Suite 1200, Santa Clara, CA-95054 (or) e-mail: dtapia@polariswireless.com.

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