Wireless Location Solutions

Polaris Wireless solutions are easy to operate, maintain, and scale because they are software-based, avoiding the costly and time-consuming maintenance associated with hardware-based location solutions.

E911 Public Safety »

E911 Public Safety

In the case of emergency call management (e.g. E911/E112) and other public safety applications, it is critical for wireless service providers to quickly and accurately pinpoint the caller's location and direct this information to the appropriate emergency call responders.

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Location-based Services »

Location-based Services

Polaris Wireless offers the most accurate software-based solution for enabling a wide variety of revenue-generating location-based services.

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Surveillance & Analytics »

Surveillance & Analytics

High-accuracy wireless location is critical to the war on crime and terrorism. Forward-looking governments are utilizing next-generation technology and applications to monitor known targets and indentify unknown suspects, predict their behavior, and prevent attacks before they take place.

Lawful Wireless Location Surveillance »