Wireless Location Software

Polaris Wireless is the industry leader in high-accuracy, software-based, wireless location products.

OmniLocate »


The universal location platform

Precise location, when you need it, where you need it.

Flexible and scalable

A flexible, carrier-grade platform that meets the high-accuracy, high-volume demands of various location-based services. OmniLocate can be deployed on multiple air interfaces to support a wide range of requirements, and is easily configured to fit any network.


OmniLocate features standard interfaces for interconnection with other network elements. It supports both control plane and user plane location as defined by the 3GPP and OMA standards bodies.

Future proof

OmniLocate is designed to support LTE networks, as well as additional air interfaces such as WiFi and WiMAX. OmniLocate scales with network demand to accurately perform thousands of location transactions per second.


Altus »


The intelligent surveillance application

Providing government agencies with the ability to identify and track targets/suspects.

On-demand Location

Altus locates targets in real-time and displays their locations as icons on a context-rich map.

On-demand Tracking

Altus tracks the movements of targets in real-time or over a specified time period, and displays the tracks on a context-rich map.

Targeted Geo-fence

Altus identifies and locates a target in a user-defined geographical area (geo-fence), such as a government building, security perimeter, or border, and automatically generates an alert whenever a target enters or exits the geo-fence.

Altus Blue Force »

Altus Blue Force

Next Generation Situational Awareness

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Protect Your Own

Next generation situational awareness for law enforcement and first responders. A secure solution for emergency response, event management, and daily operations.

Officer Safety

Altus Blue Force locates officers and back-up resources enabling command staff, team leaders, and nearby officers to better support and protect officers, especially those who are dismounted from vehicles and undercover.

Operational Efficiency

Altus Blue Force provides tools to plan and manage operations ensuring appropriate resources are deployed where necessary and teams are acting on the same real-time information.

Situational Awareness

Altus Blue Force enables operational team members to know their scene environment including member locations, to share text and photo information, and to place markers and tags on a shared map.