Wireless location intelligence at work

Saving lives and supporting safer and connected communities

Wireless location intelligence at work

Saving lives and supporting safer and connected communities

Wireless Location Innovation that Saves Lives and Creates Safer Communities.

Our team at Polaris Wireless is passionate about innovating location-based services to make our world a safer place for everyone. We create new software-based technologies that are scalable, reliable and cost-efficient to help our customers stay focused on their core competencies. Public safety and disaster management, national security and Internet of Things (IoT) are our sweet spots, and we never stop innovating to meet the needs and solve the challenges of these rapidly evolving industries.

Public Safety & Disaster Management

First responders, 911 dispatchers and police officers hold high-pressure positions. Often times they must make split-second decisions that can either save or cost someone’s life. Polaris Wireless offers highly accurate location services that make public safety officers more efficient and effective—from helping them to find victims more quickly to identifying and locating accidents, and ultimately, saving lives. Learn more…

Emergency Wireless Location

National Security

Interest and concern in national security is at an all-time high. Government agencies are doing all they can to stay one step ahead of those who pose a threat, both at home and abroad. Polaris Wireless’ end-to-end solutions employ the power of highly accurate location and predictive analytics to aide both government and law enforcement agencies in locating and mitigating threats, and preventing major catastrophes, keeping all of us safer and protected from harm.

Wireless Location Intelligence

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming technology industry, with more and more businesses and consumers wanting the things in their physical world to be connected with location and wireless intelligence. Given Polaris Wireless’ heritage and legacy in wireless location services, we are uniquely positioned to lead the charge for technologies that locate connected devices.

Locating Connected Devices