National Security

National Security

Wireless Location Intelligence and Analytics: Anytime, Anywhere

Governments all over the world are doing all they can to stay one step ahead of those who pose a threat, both at home and abroad. Polaris Wireless solutions employ the power of highly accurate location to aid both government and law enforcement agencies in locating threats and preventing major catastrophes, keeping all of us safer and protected from harm.

Enhancing National Security Efforts with Critical Wireless Location Intelligence

Employ the power of accurate location in both strategic and tactical operations to stay ahead of those who pose a threat.

Wireless Location-Based Actional Intelligence for National Security

Forward-looking governments and organizations are leveraging Polaris Wireless’ end-to-end wireless location solutions for:

  • Locating and tracking known suspects
  • Securing borders
  • Safeguarding critical infrastructure
  • Securing borders
  • Detecting and monitoring crowds
  • Protecting VIPs and civilians
  • Analyzing incidents post-event
  • Safeguarding people before and after natural disasters

Polaris Wireless solutions make the difference in national security operations and other mission-critical efforts, with robust analytics that provide predictive and prescriptive capabilities needed to identify suspicious behavior, untangle a target’s social networks, and help prevent and react to incidents.

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Explore The Benefits of National Security Wireless Location Intelligence

Polaris Wireless products provide a solid foundation for your end-to-end mobile location intelligence needs.

A carrier-grade, universal location platform that delivers highly accurate location for all mobile devices across all environments – including more challenging dense urban areas and indoors.

An application platform that fuses big data from multiple sources and powers a suite of analytics applications for national security, public safety and disaster management agencies.