Surveillance & Analytics

Law enforcement authorities can track criminals and terrorists anytime and anywhere.

Law enforcement tracking of criminals and terrorists

Forward-looking governments are utilizing Polaris Wireless solutions to monitor targets/suspects, predict behavior, and prevent attacks. Polaris Wireless provides the ability to locate and track multiple known targets with the highest accuracy, monitor sensitive geographical areas with a robust suite of surveillance applications, and analyze the movements of unknown suspects. Our solutions make the difference in criminal investigations, counter-terrorism & counter-intelligence activities, border security, and other mission-critical efforts.

Lawful location surveillance

Polaris Wireless offers the industry’s only high-accuracy wireless location solution that supports mass location of all wireless devices on multiple networks. Mass location can be performed in real time or using historical data (i.e. post fact), and is a key tool that enables governments to track targets/suspects and analyze their movements to identify patterns of behavior.

Altus, the Intelligent Wireless Surveillance Application

Altus Wireless Surveillance ApplicationAltus enables government agencies to perform mass surveillance of wireless subscribers, monitor sensitive geographical areas with a robust suite of geo-fencing applications, and analyze the historical movements of targets and suspects.