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Polaris Wireless Announces Altus Application Suite for Law Enforcement & Intelligence Agencies

Only high-accuracy, software-based location solution to combine advanced surveillance applications with accurate mass location

Polaris Wireless, the global leader in high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions, today announced the introduction of the Altus suite of applications for law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide. Altus is the industry's only software-based surveillance solution that enables accurate mass location - providing users the ability to simultaneously locate all subscribers in a wireless network in real time and on a historical basis. This unique capability enables functions, such as target identification, tracking via geo-fence, and post-event analytics, which are vital to the anti-crime and anti-terrorism surveillance efforts of Polaris Wireless customers in the Middle East/Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. When powered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS®), the patented and standards-based RF Pattern-Matching technology, Altus serves as an indispensable end-to-end solution for today's advanced security initiatives.

"Altus enables government agencies to take a major leap forward in their efforts to locate and track known and suspected criminals and terrorists," said Mahesh Patel, senior vice president of surveillance applications at Polaris Wireless. "The Altus application suite offers high-availability and high-reliability carrier-grade infrastructure to meet the mission-critical needs of law enforcement and intelligence agencies."

Using the basic Altus application, customers can create a custom geo-fenced area and locate all subscribers in it, as well as receive alerts when designated targets enter or exit the geo-fence. The geo-fenced area can be identified in real time or at a specified time in the past, enabling government agencies to perform critical post-event analytics to discover, for example, which subscribers were in the vicinity of a busy downtown intersection during the hours before a terrorist event occurred.

"Polaris Wireless is the only location provider to augment its analytics capability with accurate mass location," added Patel.

Altus now offers an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI), including advanced geographic mapping capabilities powered by Esri's GIS (geographic information systems) mapping software. The enhanced GUI introduces multi-color display and animated icons, providing a more intuitive and productive user experience. Altus also includes standardized APIs to enable easy integration with other surveillance solutions and lawful intercept systems. Polaris Wireless plans to expand the Altus application suite with the ability to assess risks based on multiple inputs, including user identity, call logs, and social data.

To maximize the potential of the Altus application suite, it is deployed with the OmniLocate platform powered by Polaris WLS®, the most accurate software-based location method for dense urban and indoor environments. Polaris WLS® is capable of locating a wireless device to within 50 meters. Polaris WLS® avoids the costly and time-consuming maintenance associated with hardware-based location solutions. Polaris Wireless provides its customers regular product enhancements and updates, and 24/7 technical and operational support for optimal performance.

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