Location-based Services

Advertisers can reach customers more effectively and efficiently.

Advertisers can reach customers more effectively and efficiently

High-accuracy location services is increasingly becoming central to the wireless user experience. Location-based services (LBS) are being used for applications ranging from finding friends and family to tracking packages for enterprises to mobile advertising. In all these examples, higher accuracy translates into higher revenues for wireless operators and superior benefits to consumers and enterprises. That is why they are turning to Polaris Wireless for the most accurate software-based solution for enabling a wide variety of revenue-generating location-based services.

Location-based services for enterprise and consumer

Polaris Wireless gives wireless operators a time-to-market and performance advantage over other location solutions, providing them with a high degree of accuracy — especially in dense urban and indoor environments where mobile subscribers spend most of their time. This solution is ideal for wireless operators that are interested in offering a suite of consumer and enterprise location-based services that require accurate location of all wireless devices.

OmniLocate, The Universal Wireless Location Platform

OmniLocate Wireless Location PlatformPowered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS™) technology, OmniLocate is the only universal location platform that is able to reliably locate any wireless device within 50 meters, particularly in high-density urban areas and indoors.