Radio Frequency Pattern Matching (RFPM) »

Radio Frequency Pattern Matching (RFPM)

Radio Frequency Pattern Matching (RFPM) is the only high accuracy, software-based, scalable location solution that requires no additional hardware changes/additions to the mobile phone or at the network base stations.


Hybrid Wireless Technology »

Hybrid Wireless Technology

For today's comprehensive application needs, a hybrid solution of geo-location methods is often the best option. This technology combines the software-only, dense urban and indoor capabilities of Radio Frequency Pattern Matching with the precise location capabilities of Assisted-GPS.




Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) is a handset-based location solution that requires GPS receiver chipsets to be included in the subscriber mobile phones.


Other Wireless Technology »

Other Wireless Technology

When an application does not require pinpoint accuracy, other geo-location methods may be used to complement high-accuracy location methods.