E911 Public Safety

Public safety officials can respond to emergency calls quickly and accurately.

E911 Respond Quickly and Accurately to Emergency Calls

In the case of emergency call management (e.g. E911/E112) and other public safety applications, it is critical for wireless service providers to quickly and accurately pinpoint the caller's location and direct this information to the appropriate emergency call responders. Failure to do so can literally mean the difference between life and death. Polaris Wireless offers time-tested, field-proven solutions for meeting the high-accuracy location requirements of critical public safety applications.

Flexible Solution for Emergency Wireless Operators

Polaris Wireless offers wireless operators a flexible solution that complies with the FCC E911 Phase II mandate, providing the most accurate and reliable software-based location system in the industry. It can be deployed as a standalone system or in combination with existing handset-based technologies, allowing operators to quickly deploy the solution and cost-effectively meet E911 compliance requirements. We also offer an E112 solution for European operators and similar emergency services, such as E999, for other international operators.

OmniLocate, The Universal Wireless Location Platform

Powered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS™) technology, OmniLocate is the only universal location platform that is able to reliably locate any wireless device within 50 meters, particularly in high-density urban areas and indoors.

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