Polaris Wireless

To become the Worldwide leader in location-based Public Safety, Disaster Management and Intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement and National Security Agencies around the world.

Polaris Wireless was born more than 15 years ago out of a big idea—to provide law enforcement and government agencies simple, affordable, highly scalable location-based intelligence and public safety solutions that make life safer, and that address real industry pain points.

In less than two decades, we have executed more than 50 deployments worldwide and obtained a portfolio of more than 70 patents, shaping us as an industry leader with a passion for continuing to evolve its technologies. These efforts include the incorporation of new supporting network and device capabilities, and building novel applications to meet the growing demands of the public safety, intelligence and national security markets.

Our team at Polaris Wireless is fueled by our passion for making the impossible, possible, and we want to extend our leadership in cutting-edge, scalable and cost-efficient location-based technologies and solutions to law enforcement and national security agencies around the globe. Our talented employees solve the hard location problems faced by public safety, disaster management and intelligence.

We have three sweet spots in which we focus—public safety, national security and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our solutions meet the stringent FCC E911 requirements for Location Based Services, both indoors and outdoors, and our software-based platform is scalable, cost-effective and turnkey so our customers can focus on what they do best. With deployments spanning Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, Polaris Wireless has a deep understanding and legacy in developing high accuracy location solutions that scale. No one in the mobile technology industry has the depth of expertise or level of experience as our team.

Polaris Wireless is headquartered in Mountain View, CA -- at the heart of Silicon Valley -- with international headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and offices in Dubai, U.A.E and Singapore

Innovating With Purpose


Welcome to the future of highly accurate location intelligence services. At Polaris Wireless we innovate with a purpose: to solve important, yet complex, business challenges for our customers in public safety, national security and the Internet of Things industries. Our goal is to keep the world and our communities safe.

Founded in 1999 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Polaris Wireless was born out of a big idea—to provide law enforcement and government agencies simple and highly scalable location-based intelligence and public safety solutions that make life safer, and that address real industry pain points.

The Company’s claim to fame was the invention and introduction of the highly accurate, software-based Wireless Location Signatures—Polaris WLS™--location technology. It proved to be a game changer for the public safety industry after successful field trials in the United States and Europe resulted in the Company’s first contact with SunCom (now part of T-Mobile USA) in 2003.

But, we didn’t stop there, and we continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible for wireless location services. After expanding deployments across 24 wireless operator networks in the United States, Polaris Wireless entered the field we would soon come to dominate in 2008, winning our first location surveillance deployment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since then, Polaris Wireless has continued to expand its patent portfolio and public safety and location surveillance deployments across the Middle East, Africa and Asia due to our unique WLS technology and its accurate mass location capabilities. In 2013, we also won public safety deployments in Asia-Pacific and a commercial LBS deployment with Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

Our wireless location solutions are unlike any other solutions on the market today because they are software-based, highly scalable and cost-efficient. Our products use patented radio frequency pattern-matching technology to accurately and reliably determine the location of any wireless device.

A testament to our culture of innovation, Polaris Wireless was the recipient of the 2011 and 2013 Frost & Sullivan Location-Based Services Enabling Technology Award, and continued its profitable growth validated by the company’s first appearance on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. Most recently, Polaris Wireless received the 2017 Mobility Award for Mobile Software Indoor Positioning Systems. We have more than 70 patents in our technology portfolio and 50 deployments worldwide. And we continue to fuel innovation in the industry by partnering with top universities and academic thought leaders from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and more, to stay on the cutting-edge of location innovation and research.

Vision & Mission


Our mission at Polaris Wireless is to extend our leadership in cutting-edge, highly scalable and cost-efficient location-based technologies, and to innovate solutions for public safety, law enforcement, national security agencies and commercial enterprises around the globe. We solve hard location problems for businesses in public safety, disaster management and intelligence.