The Intelligent Surveillance Application

Accurate mass location

Altus is the only surveillance application that supports accurate mass location of all subscribers.

Intuitive UI

Comprehensive dashboard with high-resolution, easy-to-navigate maps.

Multiple agency access

Easy for government agencies to share access while protecting and preserving the integrity of department-specific data.

Safe and secure

Operates in secure data centers and contains multiple levels of security to ensure the integrity of highly sensitive location information.

Lawful wireless location surveillance & accurate mass location

High-accuracy wireless location is critical to the war on crime and terrorism. Forward-looking governments are utilizing next-generation technology and applications to monitor known targets and identify unknown suspects, predict their behavior, and prevent attacks before they take place.

Altus provides government agencies with an advanced application suite to identify and track targets/suspects with the highest software-based location accuracy. Altus enables government agencies to perform mass surveillance of wireless subscribers, monitor sensitive geographical areas with a robust suite of geo-fencing applications, and analyze the historical movements of targets and suspects.

Altus offers a comprehensive solution providing all the necessary functionality to conduct lawfully authorized and accurate mass location surveillance. Altus is an essential tool in criminal investigations, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence activities, border security, and other mission-critical national security efforts.

Altus Application Features

Wireless On-demand Location

On-demand Location

Locate targets in real-time and displays their locations as icons on a context-rich map.

Wireless On-demand Tracking

On-demand Tracking

Track the movements of targets in real-time or over a defined time period, and displays the tracks on a context-rich map.

Wireless Targeted Geo-fence

Targeted Geo-fence

Identify and locate a target in a user-defined geographical area (geo-fence), and automatically generate alerts whenever a target enters or exits.