Improve Safety with Altus Mobile

Capturing and utilizing target data in the field.

Web-based Application

Results in quick deployment and a simple “opt-in” set-up either in a call center or through the cloud.

Real-time field application

Added power of a real-time in the field location detection.

Two-way data sharing

Instant communications ensure that officers receive key information and support.

Empowering Field Officers with 360° Situational Awareness

Locating and tracking suspects in the field is a critical but often dangerous task for law enforcement officers and intelligence agents. Though decisions must be made in seconds and conditions can quickly change, they have to rely on distant command-and-control centers for key information. Communicating with fellow officers in the field can also be risky, and once officers leave their vehicle, command centers no longer know exactly where they are. How can you protect your manpower?

Offered by Polaris Wireless, the global leader in high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions, Altus Mobile is an advanced mobile surveillance application that enables officers to operate at maximum effectiveness while keeping them informed and safe. Altus Mobile provides real-time location and tracking data and case information in a secure, user-friendly interface that adapts to any mobile device, Smartphone, or tablet.

Altus Mobile has all the capabilities necessary to organize and conduct law enforcement and public safety operations in the field, where it is most critical.

  • Administrators can manage users and set up permissions before or during operations through a flexible, client-defined team structure.
  • Multiple layers of security prevent devices from being compromised while being used in the field.
  • Intuitive interfaces make it easy for field officers to simultaneously locate and track any target, friendly or not.
  • Two-way data sharing and instant communications ensure that officers receive key information and support whether they’re at a desk or in the field.
  • Intelligence gathered in the field such as video and images can be uploaded quickly to enhance target data

A Superior Mobile Solution

Altus Mobile employs innovative technology to deliver a high-performing solution and a streamlined set of capabilities. Its mobile-focused features make it a powerful device for capturing and utilizing target data in the field.

  • Powered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures, Altus Mobile provides fast, accurate location information, particularly in difficult dense indoor and urban environments.
  • The web-based application results in quick deployment and a simple “opt-in” set-up either in a call center or through the cloud.
  • A design focused on usability means that training and technical management is minimal and a “few clicks” philosophy means that field officers’ time is used efficiently.
  • Through a seamless extension of command center capabilities, Altus Mobile offers current Altus users the added power of a real-time application designed for the field.