Altus Blue Force

Next Generation Mobile Situational Awareness

Altus Blue Force

Works in all environments

Across all popular
iOS and Android mobile devices

Easily deployed in the cloud

Flexible pay-as-you-go options

Designed with open APIs

Supports all security requirements

Next Generation Situational Awareness For Law Enforcement And First Responders

The use of smartphones has become an integral part of daily life. Yet, despite their rapid rate of adoption and innovation, the transition from personal to professional use has not occurred on a widespread scale. Inside public safety agencies in particular, archaic systems and technologies are often used at the expense of efficiency and enhanced security. Instantaneous situational and operational awareness do not yet exist in the hands of all personnel.

Smartphones, however, offer valuable information and capabilities that can help fulfill this existing need. Knowing where public safety personnel are located at all times and facilitating non-voice communications efforts in the field can indeed be achieved with Altus Blue Force.

A powerful mobile solution that delivers real-time location at the touch of a fingertip

mobile location

Altus Blue Force is a user-friendly, smart device based mobile solution that provides real-time location of all “opted-in” field personnel with their safety as the prime focus.

The solution empowers all relevant parties to quickly observe, orient, decide, and act in response to both routine and emergency situations.

Altus Blue Force Features

Through an intuitive user interface, Altus Blue Force offers the following features:

  • Works in all environments, from woodland areas to deep indoors, and across all popular iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Easily deployed in the cloud with Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Fully supports all security requirements
  • Designed with open APIs for integration of external data sources
  • Offers cost effective, flexible pay-as-you-go options

Unique Platform

Altus Blue Force leverages Polaris Wireless’ rich history of high-accuracy, software-based location solutions for public safety and national security. The application is powered by the Company’s Hybrid location technology that focuses on accurate location in dense urban and indoor environments, including floor level vertical location.

Law enforcement officials and first responders that deploy software applications like Altus Blue Force are realizing immediate improvements in the areas of safety, intelligence, and efficiency.

Key Benefits

Constant High Accuracy Location Awareness

  • Receive continuous real-time location updates of “opted-in” team members, including coordinates of ground locations and floor level when operating inside a building
  • View periodic updates and associated timestamps on a map for easy orientation

mobile z level location

Map Annotations and Visual Communications

  • Exchange visual information such as field personnel locations, photos, videos, and text notes using voice-to-text
  • Annotate a team map with geofences and icons representing critical areas

The "Z" (elevation) Value

  • Obtain floor level information of team members through an advanced weather independent, elevation calculation engine
  • Plan backups, evacuation and pursuit of a suspect or victim within minutes as opposed to hours

Team Management and Emergency Mode

  • Self-define cross functional teams and roles, and update them on an as needed basis
  • Locate team members at a very high frequency and within seconds
  • Enable “Emergency Mode,” resulting in automatic opt-in of all officers
  • Redirect or abort operational tactics

Multi-Team, Multi-Agency and Multi-Device Collaboration

  • Communicate with multiple teams simultaneously with secure messaging and alerts
  • Coordinate rapid and accurate multi-agency incident response planning

Sample Demonstrated Use Cases

Local Police Departments

  • Resource Management – Location, allocation, and distribution of team members
  • Drug Enforcement – Oversight of undercover agent movements
  • Response Management – Location of resources, team collaboration, geotag markers
  • Secure Communications – Collaboration among security team members
  • Multi-Agency Collaboration – Police, Fire, EMT

Federal Agencies

  • Fugitive Track & Arrest
  • Area Neutralization
  • Cordon & Search
  • Ambush