Alcatel-Lucent Partners with Polaris Wireless and Thales Alenia Space on LBS Solution

May 13, 2011

Source: GPS World

Alcatel-Lucent Partners with Polaris Wireless and Thales Alenia Space on LBS Solution

Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with Polaris Wireless and Thales Alenia Space to offer a mobile device geographic positioning service.

The Alcatel-Lucent Positioning Solution (ALPS) uses a broad range of location technologies to support location-based services (LBS), public safety, emergency services, and other applications that rely on accurate location information.Polaris Wireless is a provider of software-based location solutions for the wireless industry that can locate mobile devices across air interfaces and various environments, including urban areas and indoors, the companies said.Thales  Alenia Space provides satellite navigation systems and provides location-based solutions that offer GNSS assistance with data quality, dynamic location technique selection and hybridization, and reliable applications.

"The ability to identify the geographic position of a mobile device with a high degree of accuracy is increasingly becoming central to the mobile user experience," the companies said in a statement. "Location-based services that provide information and entertainment, which are accessible through the mobile device and enabled by the mobile network, are being used for applications ranging from E911 emergency call tracking and other public safety uses to finding friends and mobile advertising. In many of these examples, higher accuracy translates into higher revenues for communication  service providers (CSPs) and will continue to grow in importance. The technology to locate mobile devices has evolved significantly in recent years and our solution works across challenging environments, including dense urban areas and indoors, while providing more accurate location information at lower costs to CSPs."

Alcatel-Lucent provides CSPs with in-depth knowledge of positioning technologies such as LBS with consulting and services, as well as the technical expertise of its two key specialist partners, Polaris Wireless and Thales Alenia Space.

"This type of service needs to be highly accurate to provide the best results for phone operators carrying out applications such as E911 as well mobile marketing," Alcatel-Lucent said. "Alcatel-Lucent, Polaris, and Thales have very strong capabilities which, now pooled into a single offering, represent a high return on investment for carriers looking to implement location-based applications."