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Aigis: Best-in-class Data Analytics Software Platform by Polaris Wireless


Location Data Analytics Application Suite for National Security and Public Safety

An application platform that fuses big data from multiple sources and powers a suite of analytics applications for national security, public safety and disaster management agencies.

Aigis: Best-in-class Data Analytics Software Platform by Polaris Wireless

Aigis transforms disparate real-time, big data from multiple sources into actionable analytics information for national security, public safety and disaster management organizations. Powering a suite of analytics applications, Aigis fuses big data – from high accuracy location determinations to mass location capabilities – through a data application platform that combines all intelligence to effectively address current national security issues.


Best-in-class Data Location Analytics Software Suite Platform

High-accuracy geo-spatial information is a vital source of intelligence for a wide range of security, disaster management and public safety domains. Many national security and public safety organizations already collect significant amounts of data, but need actionable analytics based on high accuracy location determination, mass location and more. That’s where Aigis comes in.

Powered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS®), Aigis is a big data analytics platform that runs a suite of applications for law enforcement, national security and public safety agencies.

Using patented algorithms and powerful analytics with user-definable rules, Aigis offers:

  • Intuitive visualization for analyzing geo-spatial data in real time
  • Actionable insights for decision makers through descriptive and predictive analytics, and drill down search capabilities for forensics
  • End-to-end applications covering a range of use cases based on multiple data sources

Aigis Intelligence

Aigis Intelligence

Reliable, actionable analytics insights for subscriber intelligence and automatic threat management.

Aigis Enterprise

Aigis Enterprise

Intuitive visualization of geo-spatial data in real-time for enhanced response times in mission-critical operations.

Aigis Mobile

Aigis Mobile

On-the-go, enhanced situational awareness for field officers to find, monitor and apprehend targets while ensuring their own safety.

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